Session 1 - Data services and tools in ocean science

17 - Gianpaolo Coro, Paolo Scarponi and Pasquale Pagano - Enhancing ARGO floats data re-usability (abstract)(poster)

28 - Célia Fery, Gwenaelle Delaruelle, Pierre Boissery and Florian Holon - MEDTRIX: a mapping platform for monitoring data in the Mediterranean Sea (abstract)(poster)

31 - Fred Merceur and Michele Fichaut - SEANOE, a publisher of scientific data in the field of marine sciences (abstract)(poster)

32 - Chelsea Bradbury - Sharing survey data from the offshore renewables sector (abstract)(poster)

38 - Elena Zhuk, Georgios V. Kozyrakis, George Galanis, George Zodiatis, Katerina Spanoudaki, Nikos Kampanis and Dmitry Soloviev - On-line visualization of the cal/val indices for the Mediterranean Monitoring and Forecasting Centre (abstract)(poster)

45 - Steve Jones and Jonas Henriksen - QuinCe: An online tool for processing and quality control of surface ocean CO₂ measurements (abstract)(poster)

47 - Sung-Dae Kim, Sang-Hwa Choi and Hyuk-Min Park - An integrated database for marine environment monitoring and management system at the Tongyoung bay in Korea (abstract)(poster)

50 - Susanne Feistel, Ulrike Kleeberg, Jörn Kohlus, Rainer Lehfeldt, Carsten Schirnick and Susanne Tamm - Automatic assessment of metadata quality in ISO 191xx (abstract)(poster)

63 - Linda Baldewein, Ulrike Kleeberg, Marcus Lange and Dietmar Sauer - The coastMap Approach for Visualization and Dissemination of Marine Geodata (abstract)(poster)

64 - Takanori Katsura, Takuma Fujiwara and Hiroyasu Furukawa - Real-time Web-GIS as part of Japan’s MDA (abstract)(poster)

75 - Anastasia Gorbacheva - Application of elements of Big Data technology for storage, access and retrieval of metadata and Roshydromet data (abstract)(poster)

79 - Sabri Mutlu and Pamir Talazan - On Board Cloud System (abstract)(poster)

81 - Mirosława Ostrowska and Mirosław Darecki - SatBałtyk - the sense of the Baltic environment (abstract)(poster)

84 - Geir Arne Håland Nordhus - Experiences from Developing a Marine Spatial Management Tool for Norwegian Sea Areas (abstract)(poster)

85 - Jani Ruohola, Sri Harsha Vathsavayi, Seppo Kaitala and Christopher Ariyo - Data visualization and processing with Jupyter Notebook in SeaDataCloud Virtual Research Environment (abstract)(poster)

86 - Alexander Mikheev, Evgenii Viazilov and Sergey Belov - Preparation of oceanographic data for international projects (abstract)(poster)

87 - Evgeny Loupian, Olga Lavrova, Alexandr Kashnizky and Ivan Uvarov - “See The Sea” – new opportunities for collective distributed work for solution oceanographic tasks using remote sensing (abstract)(poster)

95 - Lasse Kurvinen - Data systems supporting marine protected area management in Parks & Wildlife Finland (abstract)(poster)

111 - Nicolas Granier, Sylvain Marty, Simon Keeble, Carlos Figueiredo, Eduard Huguet, Adelio Da Silva, Ghada El Searfy and Georgios Sylaios - ODYSSEA: A novel, interoperable platform for products and services in the Mediterranean Sea – System Architecture and Design (abstract)(poster)

112 - M. Olvido Tello-Antón, Luis Miguel Agudo and Jon Garrido - Tools for discovering and managing oceanographic data of Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) (abstract)(poster)

114 - Ingo Thomsen, Whilhelm Hasselbring, Jörn Schmidt and Martin Quaas - Integrated search and analysis of multidisciplinary marine data with GeRDI (abstract)(poster)

120 - Valentina Grande, Francesco De Leo, Federica Foglini, Sergio Ferraresi, Jose Manuel Gómez, Simone Mantovani, Fulvio Marelli and Raul Palma - The EVER-EST Virtual Research Environment (VRE): outcomes and solutions for Earth Science (abstract)(poster)

124 - Dimitar Berov and Nikolay Berov - Data integration of Scuba benthic communities’ photography surveys with physico-chemical multiparameter sensor platform as a means for more efficient coastal ecosystems studies (abstract)(poster)

126 - Jordi Portell de Mora and David Amblas - Real-time lossless and lossy compression of MBES water column (abstract)(poster)

131 - Maija Viška, Solvita Strake and Ingrida Purina - Development of ecosystem-based maritime spatial planning decision support system for the marine protected areas designation process (abstract)(poster)

137 - Luis Miguel Agudo Bravo, Jon Garrido Martin and Olvido Tello Antón - REACT-ESRI Customizable Application Template (abstract)(poster)

142 - Alexandra Kokkinaki, Gwenaelle Moncoiffe, Dick Schaap, Enrico Boldrini, Fabrizio Papeschi and Stefano Nativi - Rosetta Stone Service: A success story of standards, controlled vocabularies and communication (abstract)(poster)

146 - Ross Griffin, Paul Williams and Elliot Carter - ABACUS – a cloud-based tool for standardising marine biological data recording (abstract)(poster)

148 - Lotta Fyrberg, Nils Nexelius, Arnold Andreasson and Lisa Sundqvist - Data harvesting - Machine to machine. (abstract)(poster)

151 - Justin Buck, Alexander Phillips, Alvaro Lorenzo, Alexandra Kokkinaki, Malcolm Hearn, Thomas Gardner, Kay Thorne and Scientific Team Oceanids Command And Control System Development Team - Oceanids command and control (C2) data system – Marine autonomous systems data for vehicle piloting, scientific data users, operational data assimilation (abstract)(poster)

160 - Merret Buurman, Sri Harsha Vathsavayi, Peter Thijsse, Alexander Barth, Sebastian Mieruch, Nikolaos Evangelou, Marco Rorro and Adrian Coveney - The SeaDataCloud Virtual Research Environment: The Technical Perspective (abstract)(poster)

164 - Razvan Mateescu, Elena Vlasceanu, Dragos Niculescu and Valodia Maximov - Decision support system for the monitoring and management of the romanian littoral's bathing areas (abstract)(poster)

168 - Stefano Ferriani and Leda Pecci - MyWay : a real time vessel tracking and cruise events system (abstract)(poster)

173 - Eric Moussat, Jacques Populus, Frédérique Blanc, Mickael Vasquez and Julien Meillon - EMODnet Atlantic checkpoint : data adequacy to EU challenges (abstract)(poster)