Session 3 - Marine environmental infrastructures for observation data (data management and access)

19 - Sana Ben Ismail, Nouha Barraj, Mohamed Anis Ben Ismail and Cherif Sammari - SeaDataCloud: Tunisian marine data management (abstract)(poster)

24 - Enrique Wulff and Ernest Abadal - Oceanographic data in the EU legislation: a temporal evolution analysis (abstract)(poster)

36 - Steffen Bock and Susanne Feistel - ODIN2 - User-friendly, web-based access to more than 70 million oceanographic readings (abstract)(poster)

44 - Pip Bricher, Patrick Gorringe, Antonio Novellino, Marco Alba, Jie Zhang, Roger Proctor and Giuseppe Manzella - SOOSmap brings circumpolar Southern Ocean data to a computer near you (abstract)(poster)

56 - Elena Zhuk, Eugeny Godin, Andrey Ingerov and Elena Isaeva - Geoinformation System of the Russian Black Sea Coastal Zone (abstract)(poster)

68 - Xisco Notario, Cristian Munoz Mas, Inmaculada Ruíz, Miguel Charcos, Miquel Àngel Rújula, Paz Rotllán, Sonia Gómara, Miquel Gomila, Charles Troupin, Juan Gabriel Fernández and Joaquín Tintoré - The data life cycle management at SOCIB: responding to science and societal needs (abstract)(poster)

76 - Vladimir Solovyev, Tamara Shiganova and Alexander Ostrovskii - Data Processing, storing and publishing for the autonomous moored profiler AQUALOG (abstract)(poster)

83 - Pedro Montero and Mycoast Consortium - Complying with Data Interoperability Standards in MyCoast Project (abstract)(poster)

96 - Yolanda Del Amo, Nicolas Savoye, Serge Heussner, Nathalie Simon, Nicolas Lavesque, Antoine Grémare, Soumaya Lahbib, Fabrice Mendès, Franck Delalee, Mark Hoebeke, Fabienne Rigaut Jalabert, Pascal Claquin, Maurice Libes, Gérald Grégory and Mélilotus Thyssen - Connecting French coastal ecosystem monitoring databases to SeaDataNet infrastructure: SOMLIT and RESOMAR Networks (abstract)(poster)

99 - Irene Zananiri, Anreas Valaouris, Ioannis Vakalas, Vaggelis Zimianitis and Eleftheria Drosopoulou - The IGME Marine geo-information system: integrating international standards towards INSPIRE-compliancy (abstract)(poster)

104 - Lorenzo Corgnati, Carlo Mantovani, Anna Rubio, Jose Luis Asensio Igoa, Emma Reyes, Antonio Novellino, Patrick Gorringe, Annalisa Griffa and Julien Mader - Building strong foundations towards the pan-European High Frequency Radar network (abstract)(poster)

106 - Sara Almeida, Eric Magalhaes and Jose Aguiar - EMODnet PP: Portugal presence (abstract)(poster)

110 - Henry Vallius, Irene Zananiri and The Emodnet Geology Team - EMODnet Geology – Discover Europe’s seabed geology (abstract)(poster)

113 - Alexander Smirnov, Verónica Willmott and Halldor Johannsson - ARICE and its oceanographic data management (abstract)(poster)

123 - Nixon Bahamon, Miguel-Angel Ahumada, Raffaele Bernardello, Charlotte Reuschel, Joan-Baptista Company, Jacopo Aguzzi and Antonio Cruzado - A 9-year monitoring of environmental changes over the continental shelf in the Catalan Sea from multiparametric measurements (abstract)(poster)

152 - Leda Pecci and Marcello Galli - How a virtual appliance facilitates the data management, the SeaDataCloud project experience. (abstract)(poster)

174 - Sjur Ringheim Lid, Åge Fotland, Harald Gjøsæter, Espen Johnsen, Jens-Otto Krakstad, Helge Sagen, Edvin Fuglebakk, Nils Olav Handegard - Sea2Data : From acquisition to advice (abstract)(poster)

178 - Taco de Bruin, Roger Proctor, Alexander Smirnov, Anton Van de Putte, William Manley, Brendan Billingsley, Halldor Johansson, Marten Tacoma, Peter Pulsifer, Stein Tronstad, Thomas Vandenberghe and Pip Bricher - Is single-window data search a myth or can it be made real? Developing Federated Search for Polar Oceanographic and Terrestrial Data (abstract)(poster)