Session 2 - Technical developments for marine information and data management

20 - Evgenii Viazilov, Nickolay Mikhailov, Denis Melnikov and Sergey Belov - Methodology for evaluating the operation of distributed data providers (abstract) (poster)

40 - Paolo Diviacco, Alessandro Busato, Massimiliano Iurcev, Mihai Burca and Rodrigo Carbajales - Open Data, Open Innovation: Data, Science and Industry across paradigm shifts. Can we learn from medieval scholastics? (abstract) (poster)

41 - Asen Stefanov, Veselka Marinova and Atanas Palazov - Integrated data management of several regional projects (abstract) (poster)

51 - Raymond Cramer, Lena Hallin-Pihlatie, Kathi Schleidt, Seppo Kaitala and Dick Schaap - Building a bridge between the SeaDataNet data and INSPIRE data models (abstract) (poster)

66 - Charles Troupin, Cristian Muñoz, Juan Gabriel Fernández and Miquel Àngel Rújula - Scientific results traceability: software citation using GitHub & Zenodo (abstract) (poster)

98 - Thomas Vandenberghe, Ruth Lagring, Hong Minh Le, Serge Scory, Francis Strobbe and Karien De Cauwer - MSFD: an opportunity for harmonised data management (abstract) (poster)

100 - Marcin Wichorowski and Krzysztof Rutkowski - Deployment of smart complex system optimizing transmission bandwidth from offshore to open seas (abstract) (poster)

109 - Angelos Lykiardopoulos, Themis Zamani and Kostas Koumantaros - The SeaDataCloud Monitoring Platform (abstract) (poster)

115 - Valentina Grande, Federica Foglini, Francesco De Leo and Simonetta Fraschetti - A fine scale spatial infrastructure for implementing networks of Marine Protected Areas: The AMAre Geoportal (abstract) (poster)

122 - Anna Maslennikova and Sergey Belov - Creation of Roshydromet unified parameter vocabulary services using Semantic Web technologies to ensure data integration and interoperability of information systems (abstract) (poster)

130 - Jens Rasmussen, Martyn Cox, Liam Mason, Drew Milne and David Tulett - An Open Data Network supporting Marine Planning, Science, and Policy (abstract) (poster)

139 - Andrew Matthews, Elizabeth Bradshaw and Mark Hebden - Making sea level data FAIR (abstract) (poster)

154 - Tarmo Kõuts and Leo Käärmann - Operational Oceanographic Products Supporting the e-Navigation in the Baltic Sea (abstract) (poster)

158 - Tarmo Kõuts, Siim Pärt and Kaimo Vahter - Operational in situ oil spill detection in the Baltic Sea, using FerryBox system equipped with oil sensor (abstract) (poster)

166 - Irene Chamarro Leon and Elena Tel - The IEO/NODC relational database for metadata management: improving the operational efficiency and data accessibility. (abstract) (poster)

170 - Dominique Briand - Semantic web application in the context of marine remote sensing data catalogs (abstract) (poster)

177 - Enoc Martínez, Daniel Mihai Toma and Joaquin Del Rio - Sensor Metadata for Automated Integration of Sensor Resources into Research Data Infrastructure (abstract) (poster)