Session 2 - Marine environmental data bases: infrastructures and data access systems

Video recordings made by the IOC Project Office for IODE/OceanTeacher (

  • H. Parner -  ICES Report on Ocean Climate (IROC) - Online (PDF) (Video)
  • P. Pagano - The iMarine Data Bonanza: Improving Data Discovery and Management through an Hybrid Data Infrastructure (PDF) (Video)
  • P. Diviacco Bridging the gap between data and metadata: looking backward at what happened during a survey: the Eurofleets Automatic Reporting System (EARS) (PDF) (Video)
  • F. Nast - Modernised Cruise Summary Reports Management, in particular with a Link to Data (PDF) (Video)
  • V. Forneris - The CNR-ISAC Informatics Infrastructure for the Satellite Climatological and Oceanographic data: production, harmonization and dissemination in Interoperability Frameworks (PDF) (Video)
  • H. GlavesGeo-Seas: delivering harmonised marine geoscience data on a European scale (PDF) (Video)
  • S. Tarot - Data management at the CATDS-PDC, the operational processing center for high level data of the SMOS satellite (PDF) (Video)
  • A. Novellino - EMODNet – Physical Parameters (PDF) (Video)
  • M. Vinci - New EU efforts to assess the state of the marine environment: the EMODnet Chemistry pilot project (PDF) (Video)
  • M. Moreno-Báez - DataMARES: Marine Access Repository for the Gulf of California, Mexico (PDF) (Video)
  • D. March - Data Management and applications at SOCIB (PDF) (Video)
  • T. Suzuki - XBT Data Management and Quality Control in Japan (PDF) (Video)
  • J. Melles -  The German Marine Data Infrastructure (MDI-DE) (PDF) (Video)
  • M. Wichorowski - Integrated Ocean Data and Information Management System Oceanographic Data Center of IO PAN (PDF) (Video)
  • L. Petit De La VilléonGOSUD: Global Ocean Surface Underway Data From gathering underway data to providing high quality delayed mode data (PDF) (Video)
  • I. Gertman - Regional project (PERSEUS) oriented system for storage and operative exploration of Mediterranean and Black Sea cast data. (PDF) (Video)(Poster)
  • D. Tezcan - Monitoring Long Term Variability in the Eastern Mediterranean (PDF) (Video)
  • C. Chandler - Chair report on session 2 (PDF)