Session 1: Marine information and data management

Video recordings made by the IOC Project Office for IODE/OceanTeacher (  

  • M. Fichaut, D. Schaap - Keynote - SeaDataNet – Second phase achievements (PDF) (Video)
  • A. Leadbetter - Linked Data: An Oceanographic Perspective (PDF) (Video)
  • H. Glaves - Ocean Data Interoperability Platform (ODIP): developing a common framework for marine data management on a global scale (PDF) (Video)
  • C. Borremans -  Management of events, samples, videos and data generated by deep-sea submersibles (PDF) (Video)
  • S. Simoncelli - Temperature and salinity historical data collections for the European marginal seas: Aggregation and quality assessment procedures (PDF) (Video)
  • T. Gies - MyOcean In-Situ Thematic Center: A service for operational Oceanography (PDF) (Video)
  • L. Vandepitte - Marine biogeographic data in EurOBIS: assessing their quality, completeness and fitness for use (PDF) (Video)
  • P. C. Brauer - PubFlow: a scientific data publication framework for marine science (PDF) (Video)
  • E. Boldrini - INSPIRE compliant international standards for the SeaDataNet marine metadata (PDF) (Video)
  • S. Mancini - Vocabulary enhancements for the Australian Ocean Data Network (PDF) (Video)
  • J. Hodge - From silos to systems: using standardised services and Linked Data methodologies to augment government and research information systems (PDF) (Video)
  • R. Arko, Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R): Working with International Partners to Improve Data Discovery and Access (PDF) (Video)
  • S. Worley, ICOADS the Global Marine Surface Reference Dataset (PDF) (Video)
  • K. Deneudt, Making SeaDataNet more fit for handling biological data (PDF) (Video)
  • T. Loubrieu, MyOcean Central Information System (PDF) (Video)
  • S. Simoncelli, New gridded climatologies, from in-situ observations, for the Mediterranean Sea (PDF) (Video)