Session 3 - Data Services in ocean science

Video recordings made by the IOC Project Office for IODE/OceanTeacher (

  • C. Chandler - IODE Data Quality Flag Scheme (PDF) (Video)
  • K. DeneudtMarine Regions: towards a standard for georeferenced marine names (PDF) (Video)
  • W. Appeltans -  Trendylyzer: a Long-Term Trend Analysis on Biogeographic Data (PDF) (Video)
  • C. Troupin Variational data analysis for generating ocean climatologies (DIVA) and web-based distribution of data products (OceanBrowser) (PDF) (Video)
  • R. Schlitzer - A new API for accessing ODV data collections from C++ and Java (PDF) (Video)
  • C. PonceletGLOBE 3D : an new 3D toolset for Geosciences data processing (PDF) (Video)
  • C. Satra Le BrisSextant: the French Spatial Data Infrastructure for Marine Environment (PDF) (Video)
  • C. Chandler - One Approach to Ensuring Long-term Access to Ocean Research Data (PDF) (Video)
  • G. Santinelli -  Coastviewer: a tool to enable the visualization of marine and coastal data (PDF) (Video)
  • T. Loubrieu - The MyOcean Product Database Management (PDF) (Video)
  • S. Stylianou - Implementation of a live access server for the management of wave energy data in the Eastern Mediterranean (PDF) (Video)
  • M. Tampucci - A Proactive System for Oil Spills and Marine Environment Monitoring (PDF) (Video)
  • L. AdamsMarine Social and Economic Data - the UK perspective (PDF) (Video)