Session TECH - Technical developments for marine information and data management

7 - Maritime Spatial Planning INSPIRE data model

Andrej Abramic, AlejandroGarcia Mendoza, Olvido Tello Antón, Gerardo Bruque Carmona, Luis Miguel Agudo and Ricardo Haroun 

20 - Cataloguing Ocean Data at Web Scale

Adam Leadbetter, Andrew Conway, Tara Keena and Will Meaney 

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24 - Marine Hydrophysical Institute and All-Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information – World Data Center: Comparison and Development of Black Sea Databases

Eugeny Godin, Alexander Vorontsov, Andrey Ingerov, Elena Isaeva and Tatyana Kasyanenko 

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28 - Data interoperability in the French Information System for Marine Environment (SIMM)

Clémence Rabévolo, Steven Piel and Armelle Rouyer 

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32 - An open-source database model and collections management system for fish scale and otolith archives

Elizabeth Tray, Adam Leadbetter, Will Meaney, Andrew Conway, Caoimhín Kelly, Elvira de Eyto, Siobhan Moran, Niall Ó Maoiléidigh and Deirdre Brophy 

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45 - Automatically generating ISO 19115-1:2014 metadata from relational databases

Linda Baldewein, Dietmar Sauer, Ulrike Kleeberg, Housam Dibeh and Lars Möller 

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51 - Sextant, a marine spatial data infrastructure: implementation of OGC protocols for the dissemination of marine data

Mickael Treguer, Catherine Satra - Le Bris, Julien Meillon and Erwann Quimbert 

53 - On using a Sensor Observation Service as an INSPIRE-compliant download service

Nicolas de Ville de Goyet, Michael Fettweis and Thomas Vandenberghe 

56 - A Metadata Hierarchy for Enhanced Management of Hydro-Numerical Simulation Data

Mohammad Shafi Arif, Peter Schade and Frank Kösters 

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63 - Improving data discoverability for the Antarctic Seismic Data Library System (SDLS) through SDN, ISO19115-3 and INSPIRE compliancy.

Paolo Diviacco, Alberto Viola and Mihai Burca 

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75 - Prospective FAIR bathymetry data archiving in PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science

Daniel Damaske, Janine Felden, Frank Oliver Glöckner and Gauvain Wiemer 

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77 - Data management in Eurofleets+: the whole picture

Thomas Vandenberghe, Susana Diez Tagarro, Dick Schaap, Guillaume Clodic, Juan Luis Ruiz, Hong Minh Le, Yvan Stojanov, Christian Autermann and Simon Jirka 

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79 - Application of metadata standard for data management in marine geological field

Jiyoon Lee, Shin Kim, Seungkyu Kim and Taeyoon Song 

85 - An enabling semantic pipeline for fisheries observation data to improve sustainable management of fisheries resources

Aileen Kennedy, David Currie, Enda Howley and Jim Duggan 

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88 - A wireless network for off-shore marine research

Krzysztof Gierłowski, Michał Hoeft and Marcin Wichorowski 

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101 - Integration of Biology Sensor Outputs in the European Marine Observation and Data Network

Veronique Creach, Luis Felipe Artigas, Alain Lefebvre, Fabien Lombard Lombard, Markus Lindh, Klas Ove Möller, Lennert Schepers, Jukka Seppälä and Melilotus Thyssen 

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104 - Remote command and control capabilities for data acquisition systems provided by delay-tolerant network mechanisms

Michał Hoeft, Krzysztof Gierłowski and Marcin Wichorowski 

112 - FAIR Data Management for Genomics Observatories

Katrina Exter, Cedric Decruw, Georgios Kotoulas, Dimitra Mavraki, Matthias Obst, Christina Pavloudi, Marc Portier and Lennert Tyberghein 

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118 - Quantifying improvements in quality assurance in European fisheries biological data collection

David Currie and Jose Rodriguez 

127 - How certification process is helping SOCIB to improve Data Quality Management

Juan Gabriel Fernández, Paz Rotllan Garcia, Miguel V. Charcos Llorens, Biel Frontera, Xisco Notario, Inmaculada Ruiz, Miquel Angel Rujula, Miquel Gomila, Sonia Gómara and Joaquín Tintoré 

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141 - SeaDataNet monitoring infrastructure near real time status updates, rich alerts, trends and insights.

Angelos Lykiardopoulos, Themis Zamani, Michail Iordanis, Kostas Kagkelidis, Kostas Koumantaros, Kostantinos Kalkavouras and Athanasia Iona 

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