Session SERVICES - Data services and tools in ocean science

5 - SINDBAD: an innovative med sea situation awareness tool

Antonio Novellino, Marco Alba, Luca Bonofiglio, Paolo Brotto, Maura Mazzarello, Giovanni Besio, Andrea Mazzino, Lorenzo Corgnati, Carlo Mantovani, Maristella Berta and Ennio Ottaviani 

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6 - The new user interface for the development of hydrometeorological support based on integrated data

Evgenii Viazilov, Nikolay Mikhailov, Denis Melnikov and Vasiliy Smolyanitskiy 

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9 - Southern Ocean data: A community effort to build a data ecosystem

Patrick Gorringe, Philippa Bricher, Marco Alba, Luca Bonofiglio and Antonio Novellino 

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14 - A pilot study to provide large-volume, user oriented marine spatial data of a federal institution online

Romina Ihde, Janina Freund, Robert Hagen, Andreas Plüß and Frank Kösters 

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16 - Toolboxes for data management in marine environmental monitoring

Örjan Bäck, Arnold Andreasson, Johannes Johansson, Magnus Wenzer and Lotta Fyrberg 

17 - Using metadata quality to filter datasets in data portals

Susanne Feistel, Ulrike Kleeberg, Joern Kohlus, Romina Ihde, Carsten Schirnick, Stefanie Schumacher and Susanne Tamm 

21 - Ocean Data View goes Online

Reiner Schlitzer and Sebastian Mieruch 

41 - An all-in-one web tool to apply CTD quality control, format data, and generate metadata under SeaDataNet criteria

Pablo Otero, Gonzalo González-Nuevo and Elena Tel 

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48 - Data integration complex within Russian segment of the Integrated Arctic Observation System (INTAROS)

Kristina Belova and Nikolai Mikhailov 

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50 - The Marine Data Exchange: the challenges and opportunities of standardising survey data for enhanced visualisations and insights

Chelsea Bradbury 

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54 - Filling data gaps through interpolation: innovative analysis tools for oceanography

Charles Troupin, Aida Alvera-Azcárate, Alexander Barth, Matjaž Ličer, Dimitry Van der Zande and Jean-Marie Beckers 

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60 - Web application and database for collecting and managing fisheries data

Damir Ivanković and Dalibor Jelavić 

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62 - Citizen science and crowdsourcing in the field of marine scientific research – the MaDCrow project

Paolo Diviacco, Antonio Nadali, Massimiliano Iurcev, Rodrigo Carbajales, Francesca Malfatti, Lorenzo Grio, Alessandro Busato, Alessandro Pavan and Massimiliano Nolic 

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67 - Improving connectivity with distributed partners in the Australian Ocean Data Network

Sebastien Mancini, Mark Rehbein, Dave Watts, Johnathan Kool, Andrew Carroll and Miles Nicholls 

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72 - Pilot for accessing distributed marine data using the OneData concept

Peter Thijsse, Dick Schaap and Gergely Sipos 

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76 - Web service for storing and processing sea water data measured in situ concurrently with satellite survey

Nikita Knyazev, Dmitriy Elizarov, Olga Lavrova, Ksenia Nazirova and Evgeny Krayushkin 

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102 - UTM-CSIC Data Service Architecture: from acquisition on-board to final dissemination

Juan Luis Ruiz, Susana Diez, Xavier Rayo and Guillermo Garriga 

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114 - Scalable and high performance infrastructure for ocean data discovery and visualization

Glenn Judeau, Jérôme Detoc, Charlie Andre and Léo Bruvry-Lagadec 

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115 - MORSE: IT system to ensure the traceability of all Ifremer biological samples

Jérôme Detoc, Sylvie Van Iseghem, Florian Nivert, Glenn Judeau and Catherine Borremans 

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124 - Data To Product Thematic Services Integration into e-JERICO

Miguel V. Charcos Llorens, Francoise Pearlman, Jay Pearlman, Juan Gabriel Fernández, Lorenzo Corgnati, Milla Johansson, Lauri Laakso, Taavi Liblik, Julien Mader, Carlo Mantovani, Simone Marini, Marc Picheral, Emma Reyes, Ana Rubio, Inmaculada Ruiz, Jukka Seppala, Lars Stemmann, Timo Tamminen and Joaquín Tintoré 

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134 - PHIDIAS: boosting the use of cloud services to benefit marine data management, services and processing

Charles Troupin, Julie Abergas-Arteza, Alexander Barth, Frederic Huynh, Jukka Seppälä, Seppo Kaitala, Aleksi Kallio, Cecile Nys, Francesco Osimanti, Peter Thijsse, Gilbert Maudire and Boris Dintrans 


137 - SOURCE software’s reprocessing and merging of different sea temperature and salinity time series data collections from SeaDataCloud and CMEMS

Paolo Oliveri, Simona Simoncelli, Pierluigi di Pietro and Gelsomina Mattia 

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142 - Mapping Arctic Observing Systems and In Situ Data Collections

Frode Monsen, Tor Olaussen, Hanne Sagen, Torill Hamre, Florian Geyer, Kjetil Lygre and Roberta Pirazzini 

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146 - The NextGEOSS Cold Region pilot: Improved discoverability and access to polar data

Torill Hamre, Bente Lilja Bye and Markus Fiebig