Session PRODUCTS - Data products, information and knowledge

8 - EMODnet Physics from data to use cases

Antonio Novellino, Marco Alba, Patrick Gorringe and Luca Bonofiglio 

11 - Declassification of naval data: the steps!

Sara Almeida and Paulo Nunes 

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15 - Automated extraction and fusion of the intertidal and subtidal bathymetry from the Landsat and Sentinel satellite data

Gennadii Donchyts, Giorgio Santinelli, Arjen Luijendijk, Antonio Moreno-Rodenas and Martin Verlaan 

23 - Marine Databases produced by the UK Met Office

Rachel Killick, Nick Rayner and Chris Atkinson 

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25 - Increasing quality in ICES commercial fisheries data using the Regional Database and Estimation System

David Currie, Liz Clarke, Edvin Fuglebakk, Kirsten Birch Håkansson, Henrik Kjems-Nielsen and Nuno Prista 

30 - Development of the ICES Continuous Underwater Noise reporting format and database

Joana Ribeiro, Carlos Pinto, Mehdi Abbasi and Neil Holdsworth 

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33 - Using citizen science to rescue tide gauge data

Andrew Matthews, Elizabeth Bradshaw and Kathleen Gordon 

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37 - HarmoNIA project: Searching for data and tools to support pollution assessment and response

Maria Eugenia Molina Jack, Marina Lipizer, Giordano Giorgi, Stefanos Papazisimou, Boris Petelin, Luka Žilić, Ivan Vučić, Christina Zeri, Ana Castelli, Rigers Bakiu and Mateja Poje 

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39 - Data time-series formation and studies of long-term trends for marine water quality indicators in the coastal zone regions of the north-western Black Sea

Yuriy Ilyin 

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43 - The Killer Shrimp Invasion Challenge on Kaggle: An online competition tackling the spread of invasive marine species through machine learning

Adrian Bumann, Robin Teigland, Jannes Germishuys, Benedikt Ziegler, Martin Mattson, Eddie Olsson, Robert Rylander, Yixin Zhang and Torsten Linders 

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55 - Analysis of in-situ temperature and salinity data in the Levantine Sea

Cem Serimozu 

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73 - Mobilizing historical marine data within EMODnet Biology

Vasilis Gerovasileiou, Stamatina Nikolopoulou, Dimitra Mavraki, Christos Arvanitidis, Leen Vandepitte, Gizem Poffyn, Joana Beja, Ruben Perez Perez, Laura Boicenco, Marina Lipizer and Menashè Eliezer 

74 - A supporting marine information system for marine oil spill emergencies in the Italian seas

Roberto Sorgente, Mario Allegra, Marco Arrigo, Andrea Cucco, Antonia Di Maio, Manuel Gentile, Dario La Guardia, Gennaro Oliva, Federica Pessini, Angelo Perilli, Giovanni Quattrocchi, Alessandro Signa and Alberto Ribotti 

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80 - SeaDataCloud quality control of data collections

Christine Coatanoan, Simona Simoncelli, Volodymyr Myroshnychenko, Örjan Bäck, Helge Sagen, Serge Scory, Reiner Schlitzer, Michèle Fichaut and Dick Schaap 

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81 - Development and Application of Teaching Materials for Ocean using JOISS

Mirinae Kim, Taeyoon Song and Minyoung Kim 

82 - Comparison of long-term SST around the Korea using the datasets from JOISS, Korean ocean data repository'

Minyoung Kim, Taeyoon Song, Wooram Kim and Jiyoon Lee 

86 - Black Sea Temperature and Salinity climatologies computed with DIVAnd tool

Volodymyr Myroshnychenko, Alexander Barth, Charles Troupin and Simona Simoncelli 

87 - Development of Digital Atlas “Physical Oceanography of the Black Sea – 2020”

Vladimir Belokopytov, Eugeny Godin, Andrey Ingerov and Elena Zhuk 

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92 - 10 years of EMODnet Biology: past, present & future

Joana Beja, Leen Vandepitte, Ruben Perez Perez, Gizem Poffyn, Dan Lear, Vasilis Gerovasileiou, Peter Herman, Bart Vanhoorne and Lennert Tyberghein 

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98 - Open access datasets from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition

Jen Thomas 

109 - Contribution of EMODnet Bathymetry Project to Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)

Olvido Tello, Dulce Mata, Alberto Cabezuelo, Gerardo Bruque and Luis M. Agudo 

111 - Searching for common ground at sea: Diving deeper into the process of delivering bathymetry data to different user groups

Ellen Vos and Eliza Etman 

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119 - A Non-linear Quality Control Procedure for Representativeness errors in Ocean Historical Datasets

Kanwal Shahzadi, Nadia Pinardi and Vladyslav Lyubartsev 

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122 - Assurance offshore monitoring, a cross-disciplinary approach

Guttorm Alendal, Jerry Blackford, Elisa Calignano, Stefan Carpentier, Dorothy Dankel, Marius Dewar, Bjarte Fagerås, Sarah E. Gasda, Kristian Gundersen, Raphael Heffron, Martha Lien, Anna Oleynik, Abdirahman Omar, Rajesh Pawar, Katherine Romanak, Darren Snee, Sigrid E. Schütz and Parisa Torabi 

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132 - Interoperability of institutional data management systems

Hela Mehrtens, Pina Springer, Carsten Schirnick, Claas Faber, Doris Maicher, Kristin Dombrowski and Sören Lorenz