Session 3

chairs: Roger Proctor (IMOS, Australia) and Paolo Diviacco (OGS, Italy)
  • Loic Petit de la Villeon et al. -  Copernicus marine environment monitoring service in-situ TAC : an in-situ operational data provision system for operational oceanography (abstract) (presentation)
  • Gisbert Breitbach et al. - A common european database for underway data from FerryBoxes (abstract) (presentation)
  • Fabien Roquet et al. - When diving animals help us to observe the oceans : the MEOP data portal (abstract) (presentation)
  • Leen Vandepitte et al. - Expanding the ocean biogeographic information system (OBIS) beyond species occurrences, by including associated environmental data - experiences from the OBIS-ENV-DATA project (abstract) (presentation)
  • Soumaya Lahbib et al. - High resolution and automated flow cytometry data management (abstract) (presentation)
  • George Zodiatis et al. - DINEOF daily cloud-free SST for the Eastern mediterranean and Black sea level dataset (abstract) (presentation)
  • Andrew Matthews et al. - The challenge of providing metadata for a 200 year long global mean sea level dataset (abstract) (presentation)
  • Christine Coatanoan et al. - SeaDataNet II data products: the North Atlantic Ocean Region (abstract) (presentation)
  • Simona Simoncelli et al. - New mediterranean sea climatologies (abstract) (presentation)
  • Neil Holdsworth et al. - Development of the impulsive Noise Register System (abstract) (presentation)
  • Patrick Gorringe et al. - EMODnet physics : past, present and future (abstract) (presentation)
  • Matteo Vinci et al. - EMODnet chemistry : biogeochemical data management for long-term research and as support to EU policies (abstract) (presentation)
  • Dick Schaap - EMODnet bathymetry : building and providing a high resolution digital bathymetry for European seas (abstract) (presentation)
  • Simon Claus et al. - Towards better data access : the development of a new data download tool for marine biological data (abstract) (presentation)
  • Jacques Populus et al. - EMODnet essential data needs and gaps : a comparative review of the Atlantic, Black sea and Medsea Checkpoints (abstract) (presentation)
  • Serge Scory et al. - Streamlining the data ingestion process in the EMODnet context (abstract) (presentation)