Session 1

chairs: Angelo Lykiardopoulos (HCMR, Greece) and Justin Buck (NERC-BODC, UK)
  • Lesley Rickards et al. - Keynote - Developments in the certification of data centres, services and repositories through an RDA/WDS/DSA partnership (abstract) (presentation)
  • Justin Bucket al - Data standards : why are they important and what can they do for oceanography? (abstract) (presentation)
  • Chris Wood - Development of linked data services to support widespread exposure of data (abstract) (presentation)
  • Paolo Diviacco et al.- A relaxed approach to handling semantics in data management (abstract) (presentation)
  • Gianpaolo Coro et al.- Brinding environmental data providers ans SeaDataNet DIVA service within a collaborative and distributed e-infrastructure (abstract) (presentation)
  • Jean-Philippe Babau et al. - Noumea : a model driven framework for NetCDF-CF extraction and analysis (abstract) (presentation)
  • Jérôme Gourrion et al. - Improved statistical method for hydrographic climatic records quality control (abstract) (presentation)
  • Justin Buck et al. - A single DOI for Argo : a generic approach to making datasets that grow and envolve with time citable on legacy infrastructure (abstract) (presentation)
  • Sebastien Mancini et al. - Managing Australian Ocean Data Network (OADN) vocabularies (abstract) (presentation)
  • Elena Partescano et al. - (Near) real-time data publication for coastal and deep-sea observing system using OGC Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) standards (abstract) (presentation)
  • Hjalte Parner - Making HELCOM eutrophication assessments operational (abstract) (presentation)
  • Alexander Barth et al. - Oceanbrowser : on-line visualisation of gridded ocean data and in-situ observations (abstract) (presentation)
  • Peter Thijsse et al. - CLIPC : Tools and visualisation services for climate datasets to assess climate change (abstract) (presentation)
  • Charles Troupin et al. - Data processing and visualisation at the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) (abstract) (presentation)
  • Vlado Dadic et al. - Oceanographic system to control the impact of construction works in the sea in a sensitive coastal area - Case study (abstract) (presentation)
  • George Zodiatis et al. - Web interface for the oil spill prediction software (abstract) (presentation)