Session 2 - Data Circulation and Services in ocean science

Video recordings made by the IOC Project Office for IODE/OceanTeacher (

  • G. Maudire -   Keynote -  SeaDataNet : Project objectives, achievements and future plans (PDF) (Video)
  • S. Carbotte  - T he Rolling Deck to Repository Project: Transforming the United States Academic Fleet Into an Integrated Global Observing System (PDF) (Video)
  • G. V. Reddy - Oceanographic Database System at NIO, Goa, India: Recent Improvements (PDF) (Video)
  • J. Potemra - Data services for Pacific Island communities: developing the Pacific Integrated Ocean Observing System (PDF) (Video)
  • K. Stroker - Archive and Access of Global Water-Level Data: from the Coast to the Deep-ocean (PDF) (Video)
  • S. Woodruff - The JCOMM Expert Team on Marine Climatology: A Report from the Third Session (PDF) (Video)
  • H. Garcia, S. Levitus  - World Ocean Database 2009 (PDF) (Video)
  • J.F. Piollé - NAIAD : a new advanced system to access satellite data (PDF) (Video)
  • A. Barth - A web interface for gridding and visualizing oceanographic data sets (PDF) (Video)
  • R. Kottmann - The Genes Mapserver: A web based information system on microbial genes and genomes in the ocean (PDF) (Video)
  • A. Huguet - Quadrige2: Operational information system for French coastal monitoring (PDF) (Video)
  • A. Bonnat - Data Centre for French Coastal Operational Oceanography: Metadata and data access (PDF) (Video)
  • E. Leblond - The Fisheries Observatory of Ifremer - Monitoring network of fisheries resources, practices and economics (PDF) (Video)
  • S. Kaitala - Alg@base: a tool for research, management and visualization of the Baltic Sea monitoring data (PDF) (Video)
  • S. Claus - Development of a Marine Biological Data Portal within the framework of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODNet) (PDF) (Video)
  • K. DE CAUWER - Biobank: An integrated system to collect and publish marine mammals informations : in situ observations, necropsy results, tissue samples available for further scientific research (PDF) (Video)
  • H. Glaves - Geo-Seas - a pan-European infrastructure for the management of marine geological and geophysical data (PDF) (Video)
  • T. De  Bruin - Freeing oceanographic and polar data through The Polar Information Commons (PDF) (Video)