Session PRODUCTS - Data products, information and knowledge

34 - The challenge to map the global seafloor – The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project

Pauline Weatherall, Helen Snaith, Christopher Thompson and Mark Hebden


24 - Updated hi-resolution Northern North Pacific Regional Climatology

Alexey Mishonov, Dan Seidov, Olga Baranova, Tim Boyer, Scott Cross, Courtney Bouchard, Ebenezer Nyadjro and Jennifer Webster


127 - Production of machine learning datasets to predict ocean water temperature along the coast of the Korean Peninsula

Sung-Dae Kim and Hyuk-Min Park


136 - Mareano User Focus and FAIR

Marte Strømme, Gjertrud Røyland, Geir Arne Nordhus, Ane Bang-Kittilsen, Kjell Bakkeplass, Aave Lepland and Hanne Bertelsen


121 - Development of the ICES Fecundity and Atresia reporting format and inventory

Maria Makri, Anna Osypchuk, Cindy van Damme, Evanthia Bournaka and Carlos Pinto 


73 - A case study: Transitioning the Bio-Oracle dataset version 3 to ERDDAP

Salvador Jesús Fernández Bejarano, Vinícius Salazar, Jorge Assis, Bart Vanhoorne, Frederic Leclercq, Lennert Tyberghein, Olivier De Clerck, Ester Serrão, Heroen Verbruggen and Lennert Schepers


83 - Using Extrema estimates for Quality Control: rationale and recent developments for the MinMax approach

Jerome Gourrion, Delphine Leroy and Christine Coatanoan, Virginie Racapé


117 - OSPARs regional data and information management to support delivery of its Quality Status Report 2023

Christopher Moulton and Eleanor Dening


16 - Whale of a Time: The JCDP Vision for Standardization and Universal Access of Cetacean Data

Carlos Pinto, Neil Holdsworth, Nikki Taylor and Niki Clear, Maria Makri


164 - ReMAP innovative technical framework for the support of the European Maritime Spatial Planning process

Andrej Abramic, Victor Cordero Penin, Yaiza Fernandez-Palacios, Marta Ballesteros, Jose Luis Santiago, Yolanda Irawan Rincón, Stefano Menegon, Alessandro Sarretta, Amedeo Fadini, Alessandro Mulazzani, Deborah Shinoda, Joni Kaitaranta, Andzej Milos, Emilie Delaroche, Bastien Fouque, Jean-Baptiste Suzanne, Adeline Souf, Daniele Brigolin, Fabio Carella, Isabel Maria Moreno Aranda and Ricardo Haroun Tabraue


43 - Digital Animal Sound Archive: a collaborative repository for bio-acoustics

Thomas Vandenberghe, Robin Brabant, Bob Vandendriessche, Yves Laurent, Claire Brabant, Wout Willems, Steven Degraer and Ruth Lagring


137 - The potential of the Portuguese Coastal Monitoring Network (MONIZEE) as a validation source for ocean products

Luísa Lamas, Vânia Lima, Inês Martins, Teotónio Barroqueiro and Paulo Nunes


27 - Food web models to support decision-making in sustainable fisheries management

Martha Stevens, Steven Pint, Rutendo Musimwa, Ward Standaert and Gert Everaert 


8 - Data-driven habitat suitability modelling to support decision making in sustainable pelagic fisheries

Ward Standaert, Rutendo Musimwa, Martha Stevens, Steven Pint and Gert Everaert


153 - Promoting equitable access and use of data in the EAF-Nansen Programme

Munoz Mas Cristian, Nikolioudakis Nikolaos, Olsen Erik, Tiedemann Maik, Michalsen Kathrine, Tandstad Merete, Kourkouliotis Kyriakos, Sharma Rishi, Barros Pedro


129 - Leveraging Anomaly Detection for Automatic Oceanographic Data Quality Control

Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Rogardt Heldal and Patrizio Pelliccione


52 - Towards an accuracy assessment service for surface ocean currents from global ocean re-analysis and forecast products

Bjorn Backeberg, Sonia Heye and Martin Verlaan


13 - Habitat suitability modelling of pelagic fish using a mechanistic approach: Insights for Sustainable Decision-Making in the Belgian part of the North Sea

Rutendo Musimwa, Ward Standaert, Martha Stevens, Steven Pint and Gert Everaert


10 - Modern responsive web application with maps, challenges and their solution (example: bathing waters)

Damir Ivanković

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98 - Geographical Information System Oceanographic for Marine Strategies Development

Luis Miguel Agudo Bravo, María Olvido Tello-Antón, Paula Gil Cuenca, Gerardo Bruque Carmona and Dulce Mata Chacón